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Talita Stein


Telephone: (13) 3842-3065 / Live: (13) 99628-2473



Address: Avenida São Paulo, nº 695, Balneário Adriana – Ilha Comprida – SP / CEP: 11925-000.

Personal data:

Brazilian / Single / Without dependents / Birth: 11/28/1978.

Academic education:

EEPSG Prof. “Hélio Cerqueira Leite” – High School – complete 1998 – Indaiatuba – SP.


Exhibition and sale of originals and replicas.

Artistic and realistic drawing of graphite pencil on paper, specialist in horse works (portrait, frame for decoration).

Professional qualification:

  • Facilitator of the Artistic Drawing Workshop, for the Young Agent project, at CRÁS de Ilha Comprida - 3 months – 96 hours/class.

  • Facilitator of the Paper Maché Recycling Workshop, for the Young Agent project, at CRÁS in Ilha Comprida - 3 months - 96 hours/class.

  • He taught private lessons in Ilha Comprida for four months.

  • Member of “Artevida”, (Association of artisans and homemade producers of Ilha Comprida), supervisory board and 2nd treasurer – (member for ten years).

  • Member of “Cooarte”, (Cooperative of Plastic Artists and Sculptors of Ilha Comprida), Supervisory Board – (member for ten years).

  • Taught private classes in artistic drawing – period 08/09/2000 to 02/10/2001 in Indaiatuba.

  • Materials used: dry and oily pastel chalk, watercolor pencils, graphite, oil, ink, watercolor.

  • I draw pictures that explore the human face, landscapes, animals, creation and development of juvenile figures.

  • Crafts: creation and development of handcrafted pieces, for decorative ornaments and/or utilities, in cardboard, papier mache, papietagem, using recycled materials (self-taught).


Courses and specializations:

  • Plastic Arts Workshop with Adolpho Tognetti (Ilha Comprida) – oil on canvas;

  • Two Modern Art Workshops with Jair Glass (Ilha Comprida), various types of materials and techniques from the history of art;

  • SEBRAE - Together We Are Strong.

  • Soma Artistic Space (Indaiatuba) - 2 years / 240h/class – artistic drawing techniques, artistic creativity, abstract art.

  • Casarão do Pau Preto (Indaiatuba) - 4 months / 60h/class – artistic drawing techniques and artistic creativity;




Municipality of Ilha Comprida - SP:

  • Isla Julina 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007;

  • VI Regional Handicraft Fair - Espaço das Artes – “Resgatando o Vale”;

  • I and II Ilha Comprida Fish Festival 2005 / 2006;

  • Summer Island 2003 Events Fair;

  • Vale do Ribeira Artists Event;

  • Plastic Arts Fair, handicraft and traditional recycling of Ilha Comprida – 2003 / 2004;

  • Box 5, former Port of the Ferry;

  • São Paulo Cultural Map contest, regional phase – Cultural Space;

  • Crafts Store at Av. São Paulo, nº 10;

  • Craft and plant store Sítio Ribeirão Branco;

  • Maresol Restaurant;

  • Rosilda's Restaurant;

  • “Caravela” building materials store;


City of Indaiatuba – SP:

  • Agrojapi agricultural store;

  • 1 time at Center Jeans;

  • 2 times at Shopping Jaraguá;

  • 3 times at Casarão do Pau Preto;

  • 2 times at Escola Soma;

  • Mural in conjunction with Soma School students, made at Wizard Foreign Language School.




City of Aguascaliente -  Mexico: April Fair Event.


City of Toluca – Mexico: 2 Paintings in the Hall of the Company Carroceria Toluca.


International sales:

Mexico cities: 9 frames (varying sizes) and 20 postcards.

Canada: 1 paper mache sculpture.

New Zealand: 1 paper mache sculpture.


Newspaper and magazine publications:


2 strips in the newspaper Tribuna de Indaiá;

2 drawings in Super Gamepower magazine - issues 46 and 52;

1 in the Book of the Cultural Contest – The lawyer o Cidadão ea Justiça - Lisbon.


Social projects:


  • School friends - teacher papier-mâché dough - children.

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