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Lui - Cia Pocotó

Lui, the little horse Mangalarga from Cia Pocotó, created by the artist Talita Stein, with his chestnut coat, blond mane and tail, and big green eyes.


He is an excellent athletic and intelligent walker, a trustworthy friend, and always concerned about everyone's safety.

He is fearful and afraid of anything that is different, his fears are so exaggerated that they are hilarious, causing laughter, his eyes open to an inordinate size, revealing a terror that borders on the ridiculous.


Its strong hooves beat the ground wildly, revealing the insecurity that dominates it when it panics.


If he strives to overcome his fears, join his friends and overcome challenges.

15 Lui-Cia pocotó-steindesenhista-desenho-chibi-ilustração-cavalo-pônei-drawing-illustrati


Cia Pocotó became NFTs!

Get yours and be part of history!

Purchasing a Cia Pocotó NFT is not just about acquiring a unique piece of digital art, but also participating in an innovative project that combines art, technology, and financial gain opportunities.


By investing in an NFT, you become part of Cia Pocotó's journey, with the possibility of profiting from the success of the products related to the characters.


To see all the products that partner Redbubble manufactures, click on the image, with the logo, there are more than 90 products with Cia Pocotó.

Shipping for the entire planet.

Version: back – blue

REDBUBBLE-Cia pocotó-steindesenhista-desenho-chibi-ilustração-cavalo-cartum-drawing-illust

Version: front – green

REDBUBBLE-Cia pocotó-steindesenhista-desenho-chibi-ilustração-cavalo-cartum-drawing-illust

In partnership with Colab55 there are several products, made and sold here in Brazil.

Click on the image to see all the products, here are two versions, only the little horse and with an ink smudge on the back.

camiseta-Cia pocotó-steindesenhista-desenho-chibi-ilustração-cavalo-cartum-drawing-illustr
camiseta-Cia pocotó-steindesenhista-desenho-chibi-ilustração-cavalo-cartum-drawing-illustr
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